Record Your Last Words.

One last recording, unveiled at your funeral, for your final, final words.

Share your biggest accomplishment, deepest regret, and advice for your loved ones to cherish.
Record Video
takes Only minutes

How it works

We will walk you through a series of questions, when you are ready, press record on your mobile phone.

Afterwards our software will automatically prepare your video and send it directly to you.

The video can be played at your funeral or in private - you choose.

A couple's final words
This is Your story

Time is ticking.

While we might want to avoid this discussion, it's the truth. We all will pass. We now have the ability to create important messages that can be treasured by our loved ones.

Give an unimaginable gift.

Record Video
Time is ticking away

How your video might look.

Watch and see how some other videos have turned out.

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Why are you doing this?
People are more important than products or services.​ No one should die without sharing their story! Everyone should be and can be remembered.

Why can't I record?
If you are using an iPhone, we recommend that you use the Safari browser and make sure you allow access to your microphone and camera when you press record.

Is my video private?
Yes! We handle privacy seriously. Once you are done recording, it is up to you who you share it with. Typically, our videos are shared with a closest loved one or directives added to a will for it to be played at the funeral.

How do I get my video?
Your final video will be delivered via SMS to the phone number you provide.

How much does it cost?
Our service 100% free for now. Our goal is to help create as many memories as possible for families all over the globe.

Could I film the video myself?
Absolutely! Our software helps guide you thru important questions and then edits the video with music and special transitions. If you decide to do this on your own, we encourage it. No matter how you do this, it will be treasured by your loved ones.

Why haven't I heard of this before?
We have had limitations with software and technology. However, most of us now have mobile phones and there is no longer a need for expensive travel and equipment to make this happen.

How long does this take?
The recording should only take you about 1-3 minutes. Our software will immediately get to work and your final video should be ready just minutes afterwards.

How old should I be to do this?
We encourage everyone at any age to participate. You can update your video at anytime in the future with new memories.

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